Tsek Hot Springs

Also known as Skookumchuck Hot Springs and St. Agnes Well Hot Springs.

Adjacent to the Lillooet River, in the Pemberton Volcanic Belt, you will find Tsek Hot Springs and the sacred location of the In-SHUCK-ch (in-chuck-sh) and St’át’imc (stat-lee-um) people of British Columbia.

The nkúkwtsa (n-kook-shta) established a permanent village of (s7)ístken (eesh-kin) pit houses and plank houses along the banks of the Lillooet River, and a series of trails through the nearby forests to hunting grounds and neighbouring villages. The mineral hot springs at Tsek provided our ancestors with physical and spiritual wellness, while the loose, sandy nature of the soil made the cedar tree roots grow long and straight.

Tsek’s hot and cold springs became the most important spiritual site in the lower Lillooet River Valley. It is said that the cool spring served as a healing pool where the Elder mothers trained men to be chiefs, watchmen, and other important positions in the In-SHUCK-ch Nation.

Pronounced “chick”, Tsek Hot Springs (also known as Skookumchuck Hot Springs and St. Agnes’ Well Hot Springs) has continuously been occupied and utilized by the St’át’imc people as a location to heal and cleanse the body and spirit centuries before Europeans arrived along our shores.


The Tsek story has many chapters in its history including when the access route to the Cariboo gold fields was built through Tsek in 1858 to when Judge Matthew Baillie Begbie named Tsek Hot Springs – St. Agnes’ Well – in honour of Governor James Douglas’ daughter.

Modestly developed today, Tsek Hot Springs is overseen by the In-SHUCK-ch community. We invite you to share, with us, the sacred waters of Tsek Hot Springs. There are ten tubs of various sizes and shapes filled directly from our source pool for you to enjoy, along with one cold tub to cool off after soaking in the hot mineral water.

Open year-round, you can enjoy Tsek Hot Springs on a day use basis or while camping overnight in our adjacent 36 drive-in site campground for RV and camping.

Tsek will always be a sacred location of the St’át’imc people for the significant cultural values and traditions that our ancestor’s established in the lower Lillooet River Valley. Today, you too, can immerse yourself in those values and traditions  by visiting Tsek Hot Springs.

k’ukwstum ’ckál’ap  – Thank you (to many)
From the In-SHUCK-ch Nation