Our Water

Hot mineral springs water sourced from the Pemberton Volcanic Belt.

Most of Canada’s hot springs are located in British Columbia. The hot mineral springs water from Tsek Hot Springs’ source pool originates from the Pemberton Volcanic Belt, which is part of the Cascade Arc. Odourless and clear, the hot mineral springs water consists of mainly sulphate, chloride, sodium, and calcium.*

*Woodsworth, Glenn et. al., Hot Springs of Western Canada: A Complete Guide, 3 Ed., 2014.

According to the traditions, Tsek Hot Springs were created by the transformer utszím’alh. An elderly couple asked utszím’alh to change them into two springs: one hot and one cold. They wanted to be side-by-side so people who bathed in them, and drank their water, would become well.

You Choose the Hot Pools’ Temperature

The hot mineral springs water from Tsek Hot Springs’ source pool is piped to nine of the ten soaking tubs. The tenth tub is filled with cold water and offers a refreshing cool down. Five tubs have both a cold and a hot water tap so you can regulate the water temperature to your personal preference.

For those who prefer the intimacy and the water temperature directly as it arrives from the earth’s crust, we recommend our four cuddling tubs. There is no cold water tap in the cuddling tubs, so you can experience the full heat of the hot mineral springs water as it originates from the Pemberton Volcanic Belt. Our water temperature averages 50C (122F).


Tsek Hot Springs A Frame Soaking Tub

A-Frame Tub

Possibly the most popular of the Tsek Hot Springs tubs is the A-Frame Tub with open doorway and wooden walls to create a private bathhouse without the feeling of being in a sauna. There are hooks on the walls to conveniently hang towels and clothing.
Fits: 6-8 people.

TSEK Hot Spring Jacuzzi Tub with trees

Jacuzzi-style Tub 1

Located at the north end of Tsek Hot Springs, you will enjoy being able to sit in this tub as if sitting in a chair. Jacuzzi-style Tub 1 is the most private of the hot pools for it is surrounded by forest on three sides and has a storage cubby between it and the neighbouring Rectangular Cedar Tub.
Fits: 4-6 people.

Tsek Hot Springs jacuzzi style soaking tub

Jacuzzi-style Tub 2

Jacuzzi-style Tub 2 is located at the other end of Tsek Hot Springs. There is a wooden bench and lean-to beside this tub for your convenience to place towels and other personal items.
Fits: 4-6 people.

Tsek Hot Springs rectangular cedar soaking tub

Rectangular Cedar Tub

Enjoy the feel and texture of BC’s western red cedar from our coastal rain forests, and the relative privacy from the other tubs, in the Rectangular Cedar Tub. Towels, shoes, and clothing can easily be placed in the shared storage cubby located between this tub and Jacuzzi-style Tub 1.
Fits: 2-4 people.

Tsek Hot Springs round cedar soaking tub

Round Cedar Tub

While soaking in the Round Cedar Tub you almost feel like you are floating in a large, wooden barrel. Enjoy the texture of the red cedar and the rounded sides to rest your back against.
Fits: 4 people.

Tsek Hot Springs star light soaking tub with a great view of the night sky.

Starlight Tub

The blue Starlight Tub is located in the middle of the springs where you will enjoy the privacy that the lean-to provides from the other tubs. On a clear night, it’s perfect for stargazing in the evening hours.
Fits: 4-6 people.

Tsek Hot Springs cuddle soaking tub

Cuddling Tubs

Indulge in the intimacy of sitting in the full heat of Tsek Hot Springs’ source water – alone or with a partner – in one of our four cuddling tubs.
Each tub fits: 1-2 people each.

TSEK Hot Springs Small Cedar bathing Tub

Small Round Cedar Tub

The Small Round Cedar Bath Tub has only cold water piped into it. With a two-foot hose attached to the faucet, you can easily pour the cold water over your head and cool your body temperature from head to toe.
Fits: 1 person.