Vegetable Garden at Tsek

We did a lot of planting around Tsek this season. In addition to continuing with the re-vegetation of medicine and native plants within the Tsek footprint, we also planted hundreds of baby cedar and fir trees. Unfortunately, some of them died during the extreme and unusual heat-wave. As a little experiment IWF built a small raised bed and [...]

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Activities & Improvements At Tsek

Improvements are afoot at Tsek Hot Springs (also know as Skookumchuck Hot Springs and St. Agnes Well). Indigenous people are using the springs for spiritual, cultural and heritage purposes more and more, many improvements have been completed and numerous other projects are planned over the coming months, however, the soul and vibe of Tsek will remain unchanged. To the [...]

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Indigenous Art In The Wilderness

A local Indigenous artist from one of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation communities will set up shop at the Tsek Hot Springs every weekend to teach interested visitors how to create Indigenous art, such as dream-catchers, drums, and jewelry while sharing stories about the area and the Indigenous people who have been using the sacred hot springs [...]

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