A local Indigenous artist from one of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation communities will set up shop at the Tsek Hot Springs every weekend to teach interested visitors how to create Indigenous art, such as dream-catchers, drums, and jewelry while sharing stories about the area and the Indigenous people who have been using the sacred hot springs for thousands of years. This program has been extremely popular among all visitors to Tsek Hot Springs and will be continued as long as there is interest and weather permits.

Campers at Tsek Hot Springs got a big treat this “May-Long-Weekend”, known as Queen Victoria Day or Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec.

Most of us think of a hot springs treat as more hot water and more hot tubs, but what we refer to is in relation to the new Indigenous focus at Tsek.

Many Tsek Hot Springs visitors met Alma & Shadow in summer 2014. On weekends, Alma and Shadow frequently led Indigenous Art Workshops for guests. Tsek visitors got the opportunity to create Indigenous art, such as drums, dreamcatchers, jewelry, or do beading and painting under the guidance of Alma and Shadow.

In 2015, the Indigenous Work Force has recruited new artists to share their talents with Tsek campers. Thus the Artist In Residence Program was born – to teach visitors about Indigenous art. The first artist of 2015 is Travis from the nearby village of Skatin. Weekends in May feature Travis sharing his skills making dream catchers, painting, beading and drum making. Other local Indigenous artists will be present throughout the summer offering Indigenous arts & crafts, story telling, guided (medicine) walks, and singing and dancing.

There are so many reasons to visit Tsek Hot Springs and the list keeps growing. 2015 is a year of big changes at Tsek. Many decks and foundations have been replaced and some new hot tubs will be added, campsites and toilets will be upgraded to make your experience more enjoyable. 2Km of trails have been cleared within the Tsek footprint at the north and south end of the campsite and along the old road for a beautiful loop trail. Afterwards head down to the nearby villages of Skatin and Sachteen to see if you can grab a burger or pizza from “take-out in the boonies” or the “pitstop cafe”.

The new Indigenous Artists, showcasing their indigenous art, are the real difference and source of local pride. Tsek is increasingly known more as a multi-activity, fun-filled cultural and spiritual experience for the entire family. In addition to the hot tubs, enjoy an artist workshop and hike on a newly restored ancient Indigenous trail in the campsite or along the nearby gold rush wagon road and on up to Moody’s Lookout, offering a commanding aerial view of Tsek.

This summer come to Tsek and enjoy all it has to offer.