Experience the natural, cultural, historical and spiritual beauty of Tsek and Lillooet River.

Having enjoyed the sacred hot mineral waters of our indigenous ancestors, we encourage you to explore and learn more about the lower Lillooet River Valley and its surrounding communities on your getaway to Tsek Hot Springs. See the Tsek Hot Springs campground attendant for a map of the historic In-SHUCK-ch (in-chuck-sh) Trail.

In the village of Skatin on the Skatin First Nations land, three kilometres south of Tsek Hot Springs along the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road, you will encounter one of Canada’s least known national historic sites.

A Cathedral in the Wilderness: Church of the Holy Cross

Built by hand in 1906 by the ancestors of the St’át’imc (stat-lee-um) people, this triple-spired gothic church is a remarkable example of what has become known as carpentry Gothic design.

The church was built by members of the Xa’xtsa, Skatin, Samahquam and other St’at’imc communities between 1895 and 1906. The people of Skatin used the money they earned from trapping to pay for the stained glass panes imported from Italy. The rest of this magnificent church is the result of native craftsmanship.

While visiting the church you may be approached by a community member who will likely offer to show you the beautiful interior. Please acknowledge this sharing by leaving a donation in the box provided as this small community is in need of funds to repair the church after the Lillooet River flooded in 2003 and undermined the church’s foundation and steeples.

Remnants of the Harrison-Lillooet Wagon Road During the Cariboo Gold Rush

History buffs will enjoy the interpretive road signs written from the In-SHUCK-ch Nation’s perspective about some of the history and legends of the surrounding area. Remnants of BC’s Cariboo Gold Rush era can be seen as traces of the Harrison-Lillooet Wagon Road against the hillside.

In 1858, when the route to the Cariboo gold fields was being built from the head of Harrison Lake along the east side of the Lillooet River, it passed through Tsek.

Area C`s Provincial Parks

While in the lower Lillooet River Valley we encourage you to visit the beautiful wilderness at nearby provincial parks for trails and hiking routes to waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes. We recommend exploring Area C`s Provincial Parks which includes: